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  • Solar Portable Suitcase
    Solar Portable SuitcaseAtrin Parsian Portable Solar Suitcase (APPS), 2* 30 W integrated solar panels Internal 15 A/h lithium-ion battery pack MPPT smart charge controller 220 V/AC, 300W outlet 12 V/DC, outlet USB 5 V/DC outlet Batte
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  • Fazilat Green School
    Fazilat Green SchoolFazilat Green School Atrin Parsian as the leading company working in field of renewable energy, energy efficiency and to public learning of using of solar energy designed and executed Fazilat Green School heating system
  • Fereshteh Palace Residential Towers
    Fereshteh Palace Residential Towers26 KW Fereshteh Palace Residential Towers The Fereshte Palace Hybrid Solar Plant is the first Hybrid (Solar-Diesel) installation in the country. The system designed as On-grid to off-grid mode configuration setup and pr
  • Kish Island Marine Environment Research Center Power PLant
    Kish Island Marine Environment Research Center Power PLant140 KW Kish Island Power Plant The project is located in Marine environment research institute of kish island. The project is very special because of high level of humidity and heat in the location the design and constr
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