About Us

Atrin Parsian Solar & Biomass Power Plants Co. is the most advanced company in Solar, Biomass & Sea wave Power generation in Iran.
Our Vision is to increase the renewable energy generation by execution EPC& EPCF Projects.

Our Major Services in Solar Power Plants:

  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Feasibility Study
  • Planning & Engineering
  • Contract & Purchase Services
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Training
  • O & M Services

As the most superior company active in the field of renewable energies in Iran and manufacturer of the first and largest PV power plant in the country, as well as removal of political and economic hindrances to cooperate with the foreign companies in the field of development and fortification of the Iranian energy production infrastructures, Atrin Parsian Company is ready to render all the services needed for foreign companies in the foregoing fields.

Company’s services are rendered in the following fields:

  • Consultation overseas technology owner companies and investors on constructing PV power plants in Iran,
  • Obtaining all the required permissions to concluded PPA (Power Purchase Agreement),
  • Constructing PV power plants in Iran as the EPC contractor for all applicants,
  • Constructing PV power plants in Iran as executive contractor for those companies having executive records in this field,
  • Rendering distribution center services as a mean to offer sales and after sales services to PV power plants equipment manufacturing companies in Iran,
  • Rendering consultation services on drawing up and submitting feasibility study to the investment authorities and international banks.
  • Company activities in the field of feasibility and locating PV power plants
    • Locating construction of PV power plants considering several parameters, such as:
      • Land geographical positioning,
      • Plant sizing,
      • Grid study, injection point analysis,
      • Grid capacity study,
      • Easily accessible,
      • Access roads,
      • Regional facilities,
      • Ability to develop power plant in development phases,
      • Ability to recruit skilled and semi-skilled local laborers.


      Considering our knowhow and experiences, and through taking benefit from the local information and knowledge, Atrin Parsian Company locates proper lands to construct PV power plants throughout the country.

      It has been tried in this study to choose and identify lands suitable to construct PV power plant considering the relevant PV power plant and possibility for real utility grid capacity.

      The minimum expenditure for injection to the grid and transmission, grid study, maximum solar irradiation and optimized construction costs as well as final balance of construction and production costs may be considered as some of the controlling parameters in this study.

      Positioning the PV power plants is deeded as the most important primary stages to construct power plant which is rendered as one of the technical consultation services of the company to the investors and applicants for construction of PV power plants in Iran.